Patricia E Bailey

For 45 years, Patricia Bailey worked as an early childhood educator, education assistant, professional storyteller, tutor, academic strategist, and interventionist. She taught language arts and literature for early childhood educators at Langara College in British Columbia, and presented workshops at conferences and schools, sharing the importance of communication to being fully involved in life.

Other presentations include storytelling performances and language arts programs for elementary schools.  She ran a home-based business providing educational support services for children with diverse abilities and their families. Another service was tutoring for students in all grades and with and without diverse abilities.

The author’s extensive background with children, teens, and young adults is only part of why her perspective is unique. She is able to connect with and speak for children because of her own life experiences. Being an introvert and a highly sensitive person, she is able to pick up on the nuances of non-verbal communication – the subtle looks, the unseen energy, the connections that go beyond the concrete.  She is sensitive to the communication attempts of children who can’t communicate verbally.  Having an anxiety and depression disorder helped her understand the students’ difficulties and respect their needs.

Patricia lives in Maple Ridge, British Columbia with her husband of 47 years. She has one daughter and three grandsons (one with diverse abilities). She considers herself young even at 70 years old. Her positive outlook and determination recently helped her through two issues with first-stage cancer. Nothing stops her from living a full life. There’s still a world of possibilities to explore.