“Academic and Personal Growth is possible!” – Greater Heights Learning Academy

I recently met Kathleen Jeffrey, the principal of Greater Heights Learning Academy and one of the grade 12 students who is a diverse learner. The student’s confidence and enthusiasm were inspiring. After reading the academy’s website, I wished I was young enough to be part of the school team. Greater Heights Learning Academy brings my words to life. Here’s more information about the academy:

“Taking you ability to greater heights… Our unique cognitive approach, called Mediated Learning Experience (MLE) is designed to help children with a wide variety of challenges realize their potential. Children with acquired brain dysfunction, genetic syndromes, Autism, attentional problems, and a host of specific academic and emotional challenges are able to learn together in a safe environment. Most of our children tend to be highly anxious, not infrequently exhibiting a lack of self-worth. MLE focuses on creating emotional safety, feelings of competence, and on developing the learning potential of every child. Speech-Language and occupational therapy, physiotherapy, and counselling are central to producing changes and services to support the work of our experienced teaching staff.” https://greaterheightslearningacademy.ca/about-us/