Insight, inspiration, life lessons, and stories from working with children, teens, and young adults with diverse abilities.

Imagine the possibilities. Imagine the potential. No matter who they are or what their ability is, everyone deserves to reach their potential through learning from new experiences, connecting with others, and taking a part in life. The possibilities are there, ready to be developed.

From toddlers to teens, from neuro-typical children to children with diverse needs, the book brings life to issues, disorders, and syndromes that affect people the readers work with. Through real-life examples, the author shares insights, thought-provoking ideas, examples of techniques, practical strategies, and life lessons. This book is a springboard for the reader’s ideas and inspirations. By sharing her 45-year journey working with children, the author becomes the children’s voice and opens the reader’s mind to see the unlimited possibilities for enriching their clients’ lives.

“Beyond Expectations Into a World of Possibilities” is written for a diverse audience: parents, teachers, education assistants, support workers, paraprofessionals, social workers, colleges and universities, and agencies. The author shares stories that are thought-provoking, and the readers come away with a deeper understanding of their clients and themselves.

Together we can make changes and enrich lives.